2018 Presentations

Annual Meeting – February 28, 2018


POTW Meeting – February 1, 2018

2017 Presentations

2016 Presentations

Special Meeting – January 28, 2016

2015 Presentations

2014 Presentations

  • Village of Winnetka Coal Tar Sealer Ban. Saunders, Village of Winnetka. 12.10.2014
  • Reducing Urban Phosphorus Load: Identifying Sources and Evaluating Controls. Selbig, USGS – Wisconsin Water Science Center. 8.2.2014
  • Understanding Nutrient Removal: What should I do to get started? Kobylinski, Black & Veatch. 1.23.2014
  • Phosphorus Removal Study at Downers Grove Sanitary District. Wold, Baxter & Woodman; Menninga, DGSD. 1.23.2014
  • Chemical and Biological Phosphorus Removal Testing at MWRD-GC. Lai, Qin, Quintanilla, MWRD-GC. 1.23.2014

2013 Presentations

  • Presentation. East Branch DuPage River: 2011 Survey. Chris O. Yoder, MBI. 08.28.2013

2012 Presentations

  • Presentation. Role of Coal Tar-Based Sealants in the Source Apportionment of PAHs in Urban Stormwater Pond Sediments. Judy Crane, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. 12.27.2012
  • Presentation. West Branch DuPage River: Smallmouth Bass Release. Steve Pescitelli, IDNR. 08.29.2012
  • Presentation. The Cost of Upgrading POTWs for Nutrient Removal. Pavel Hajda, Symbiont. 6.27.2012
  • Presentation. Liquids – A Success Story. Scott Weber, Village of Hanover Park. 4.25.2012
  • Presentation. Chloride Reduction Improvement Program. Dan Bounds, CDM Smith. 2.29.2012
  • Presentation. IPS In-Stream Habitat Improvement Reconnaissance Project(s) Update. Andy Selle, Inter-Fluve, Inc. 2.29.2012
  • Presentation. Development of Ammonia Mass-Balance Techniques: Web-based Load Duration Curve System. Lindsay Birt, Huff & Huff, Inc. 2.29.2012
  • Presentation. Development of Septic System Map for Targeted Sub-basin Project. Jennifer Clarke, IEPA. 2.29.2012
  • Presentation. What’s going on in our rivers. Stephen McCracken. Elmhurst 1.09.2012

2011 Presentations

  • Presentation. Salt Creek Basin Assessment 2010. Stephen McCracken. 12.07.2011
  • Presentation. Illinois EPA’s Approach to Nutrients. Jennifer Clarke, IEPA. 12.07.2011
  • Presentation. Watershed-Based NPDES Permitting. Robert Swanson, DuPage County Stormwater Management Division. 12.07.2011
  • Presentation. Stormwater Management Projects. John Murray & Joe Kratzer, MWRDGC. 10.26.2011
  • Presentation. Coal-Tar-Based Pavement Sealcoat, PAHs, and Environmental Health. Peter Van Metre, USGS. 10.26.2011
  • Presentation. Stormwater Hot Topics. Bob Newport. 6.29.2011
  • Presentation. PAHs and Parking Lots: A Field Study on PAHs Exported From Sealed and Unsealed Parking Lots at the UNH Stormwater Center. Alison W. Watts. 6.29.2011
  • Presentation. Calculating Optimal Widths for Riparian Buffer Zones. Stephen McCracken, 4.26.2011
  • Presentation. The DRSCW; A Local Watershed Approach for Salt Creek and the East and West Branches of the DuPage River. Lawrence Cox, DGSD, 03.10.2011 (IAWA Mini Conference)

2010 Presentations

  • Presentation. What are we learning about commonly used stormwater practices. Roger Bannerman, WDNR,12.08.2010
  • Presentation. Asian Carp Invasion of the Chicago Area Waterway system: What Does Science Tell Us. DR. Philip Willink 10.27.2010
  • Presentation. Churchill Woods Dam Removal Update.06.30.2010
  • Presentation. Street Sweeping as a Storm Water BMP 6.30.2010
  • Elgin Sweepers Performance Study. 6.30.2010

2008 Presentations

  • Bioassessment. West Branch DuPage River Initial Results
  • Presentation. TMDL Development. 2008 Annual Meeting
  • Presentation. Chloride Reduction Study Update. 2008 Annual Meeting
  • Presentation. DO Monitoring Study. 2008 Annual Meeting
  • Presentation. DO Feasibility Study. 2008 Annual Meeting
  • Presentation. Proposed 2008 Integrated Report.4.30.2008
  • Presentation. FPDDPC.Restoration on the West Branch DuPage River .4.30.2008
  • Presentation. Biological Report on the Upper DuPage and Salt Creek 2006-
  • Presentation. TMDL Development Update. 8.27.2008
  • Presentation. NPS Modeling Upper DuPage WS Plan Update. 8.28.2009
  • Presentation. Restorability and Priority Setting Project
  • Presentation. Groundwater and Chlorides
  • Presentation. Stormwater Legal Update
  • Presentation. Chloride Subcommittee Update