The East & West Branches of the DuPage River and Salt Creek are located in Northeastern Illinois, including portions of Cook, DuPage, and Will Counties. In response to concerns about the East & West Branch DuPage River TMDLs and the Salt Creek TMDL, a local group of communities, POTWs, and environmental organizations have come together to better determine the stressors to the aquatic systems through a long term water quality monitoring program and develop and implement viable remediation projects. Because of the similarities of water quality issues, development patterns and multiple agency/organizational overlap this group will address both watersheds simultaneously.


Goal Statements

Long Term (2004-2019)

  • Develop and implement a dynamic plan that will achieve attainment of water quality standards and designated uses for Salt Creek, East Branch DuPage River and West Branch DuPage River.
  • Develop long-term viable management strategies that accurately address water quality problems identified by monitoring program.
  • Implement long-term management strategies.
  • Maintain long term monitoring.

Short Term (2004-2006)

  • Develop, approve and fund an organizational structure for the workgroup.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive monitoring program that will include chemical, physical and biological components that will accurately identify the quality of the river ecosystems as well as stressors associated with non-attainment of water quality standards and designated uses.
  • Develop and implement interim/short-term management strategies to address water quality issues.
  • Identify nonpoint source pollution issues and develop and implement short-term and long-term strategies to address these issues. (NPDES Phase II)

Work Items

  • Identify all available sources of data and programs addressing water quality issues in the watersheds.
  • Set up committee to work with IEPA on NPDES permit review and re-issues
  • Set up committee to work on monitoring program
  • Set up committee to work on short-term implementation strategies
  • Work through the DuPage County Water Quality Stakeholders committee to address NPDES Phase II/Nonpoint source pollution issues