The workgroup has dedicated significant resources to promote the reduction of chlorides in the watershed. Chloride reduction resources are available here:

Private Facility de-icing workshop 2009 Save the date flyer

Public Agency de-icing workshop 2009 Save the date flyer

2007 Chloride Reduction Study

Chloride Reduction and BMPs for Snow Fighting (October 2008 Workshop):

Alternative Products.Steve Kaar 10.16.2007

Reducing Chloride Use at DuDOT. John Kawka 10.16.2008

Anti-Icing.The Experince of Hanover Park.Howard Killian 10.16.2008

Brewhouse Pre-wet System. Larry Dunn 10.16.2008

Research and Technologies. Morton Satin 10.16.2008

Regulations and Water Quality.Local Chloride TMDL Analysis.Dan Bounds 10.16.2008

Chloride Reduction Fact Sheets:

Chloride Fact Sheet. Commercial Operators

Chloride Fact Sheet. Homeowners

Chloride Fact Sheet. Mayors & Managers

Chloride Fact Sheet. Public Works Staff